Ba-Doom Ching! (JLM-64895)

Ba-Doom Ching!
Model# JLM-64895
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Larson Music Publishing

"Ba Doom Ching" is a new approach to teaching the concepts of setting up ensemble figures in the big band and jazz choir combo ensembles. Step by step approach to the young drummer being able to accurately read a drum chart and support the ensemble through accentuating the "big note entrances" in the ensemble.

“I’m so happy to finally see a series of books coming out that focus on the jazz-drummer.  The series of books, authored by my dear friend and mentor John Larson, are without a doubt the most succinct and well-thought tutors that have been released on this topic.  The series of three, cover the most important aspects of which drummers of all skill levels should address in their practice routines, daily. 

Ba-Doom Ching clearly explains and demonstrates the importance of correctly “setting-up” band figures, whether in a big band or small group setting.  The Feel of Swing focuses on creative “jazz” rhythmic combinations between the drummer’s hands and feet.  Coordinated Independence! Fill-In The Gap covers different patterns that will allow the drummer to free himself or herself up and become more comfortable with fills and solo breaks in a jazz context.

These tutors are designed for the beginner as well as the advanced, in mind.  I use this series of books as my “go to” when I am revisiting my look at the way I perform in the context of jazz drums.  You should, too!

Matt Murphy, Las Vegas, NV

Drummer, Clinician, Educator, Author

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